20 Years: Re-Cap and Guest List

146 guests registered for the reunion, held on Saturday, August 13th in Haynes’ Hall at McMenamin’s Anderson School in Bothell. 139 attended. 23 attendees purchased VIP tickets or donated funds to enable participation for everyone. 10 attendees’ tickets were sponsored.

On Friday night, 65 people went to the Shanghai Room in Greenwood for drinks and karaoke.

Nine classmates and a handful of kiddos attended Sunday’s picnic at Bothell Landing.

Classmates came from far and wide — Nairobi, London (two classmates and one partner!), Atlanta, Massachusetts, Washington D.C., St. Louis, San Antonio, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland,  Montana, Spokane, Corvalis, Portland, and Yakima.

We missed our friend, Scott Ellis, who is no longer with us.

All4Doras, a boy band tribute group, surprised guests with a performance of The Right Stuff by New Kids on the Block and Motown Philly by Boys II Men. Other surprises included a selfie photo booth, Cap-Sac visors for our VIPs, and commemorative koozies for everyone, with a choice of cheap warm beer (sorry, Anderson School!) or sparkling water. Unplanned surprises included weather in the high 80s, a lively/terrifying round of musical chairs,  and lots and lots of added security staff (sorry, Anderson School!).

Four classmates received awards: Katie Toop, who traveled the farthest, from Nairobi, Kenya; our “Rolling Stone,” Clara (Jackman Riggle), who has lived in 15-20 different cities since graduation; Kyla (Gardner) Hopkins, who has the most children (Five!); and Lara (Hollingworth) Dean, who was most recently married, on July 30, just two weeks before the reunion.

The reunion was chaired by Jessica Aceti, Clacy Albert, Nate Bochsler, Melissa (Bloss) Hunter, Simone Jackson, Kirsi Longly Nuchims, Ritee (Parikh) Sponsler, Melinda (Ellsworth) Smith.

The event cost around $10,300 to produce, which was funded by ticket sales. Tickets ranged in price from $30-$125, and most tickets sold for $75-90. The actual cost per attendee was around $74. $65 early bird tickets were available for the first five months of sales.

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Classmates and Dates

Jessica Aceti

Courtney (Marra) Africa

Mike Africa

Clacy Albert

Andrea Anderson

Jody (Hanson) Aquino

Ronel Aquino

Todd Arkley

Chandra Moy Atkins

Jed Barden

Jenny Bereta

Nate Bochsler

Lydia Bochsler

Todd Bohart

Ashley Bower

Thomas Bridgman

Sundi (Keller) Brown

Ryan Burleson

Timory Burleson

Katie (Lundstrom) Burris – didn’t attend

Tyson Burris – didn’t attend

Matt Carter

Bryan Castillo

Meagan (McDonald) Castillo

Dominic Chiarelli

Caroline (Dickie) Colon

Rik Croasdale

Eva Croasdale ’97

Lara (Hollingworth) Dean

Jennifer (Gleason) DeAnda

Duff DeWitt

Mary DeWitt

Sarah Dublin

Keri (Bate) Eggers

Michael Eggers

Heidi Ellis

Melissa Erickson-Aguilera

Whitney Farr-Pilz

Seth Feller

Alexandra Flugstad

Matt Flugstad

Jeremy Fulcher

Robi Ganguly

Holly Gendzwill- Friday Night Only

Juli Genovesi

Lane  Gerritsen

Sarah Gerritsen

April Gilbert

Jessica Hanson

Brad Harter

Rayna (Johnson) Hefferan

Jaime Hogan

Kyla (Gardner) Hopkins

Jon Howell

Melissa (Bloss) Hunter

Melinda Hurst Frye

Beth (Colwell) Isenhath

Scott Isenhath ’95

Simone Jackson

Amy (Mahoney Flaherty) Jones

Shawna (Olson) Karan- Friday Night Only (with Jason Karan ’95)

Efrem Kidane

Kehau (Akana) Kincaid- Friday Night Only

Brian Kirk

Margaret Kloster

Jeff Kyllo

Naomi (Cook) Lackaff

Jason Lay – Friday Night Only (with Miranda Lay ’01?)

Kerrie (Greenhalgh) La Guardia

Peter Li

Sarena (Joslin) Li

Janelle (Jarboe) Lohr

(Fester) Leslie MacKrell

Lanette (Memmel) Mannon

Rob Mannon

Greg McClure

Kyla (King) McClure

Chris McFarland

Melissa Morrisette

Jehan Moulton-Kyllo

Kirsi Longley Nuchims

Tammi (Gillespie) Maloney

Dave Martinsen

Mike Martinsen

Ami (Speed) Moerke

Kyle Moerke

Alida Mooreston

Will (Preston) Mooreston

Carlos Moreno

Melissa Morrisette

Peter Nelson

Liam Newman

Ryan Nguyen

Eric Nuchims

Kate Obukowicz – Sunday Picnic Only (with Rachel Bayne)

Ryan Ogliore

Alicia Perkins

Chris Perkins

Jack Peters

Ed Petrie

Jon Pilz

Joel Raff

Lynsey Rawlinson-Minarik- Friday Night Only

Clara (Jackman) Riggle

Derek Riggle

Carmen (Elsner) Roberts

Scott Roberts

Emo Rowe

Nick Rozell

Cara Rozell

Mahela Shaw

Adam Shepler

Brian Shrader

Rita Siemion

Jenny Slay

Heather Smith

Joshua Smith

Melinda (Ellsworth) Smith

Gabe Sponsler

Ritee (Parikh) Sponsler

Kimberly Starr

Danielle Startzel Werner

Andrew Strutzel

Jenn (Maxwell) Strutzel

Marianne Svae

Ben Swoboda

Jessica (Smith) Swoboda

Jesse Taylor

Micah Taylor

Wade Taylor – Friday Night Only

Sara Thompson

Travis Thompson

Katie Toop

Lori (Kimes) Weiss

Tim Weiss

Tod Werner

Daria Whettam

Eric Whettam

Karen Wilkerson ’95

Ryan  Wilkerson

Eric Wolin

Lisa (McConnachie) Wolin

Steven Zimmerman

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